May 13, 2010

Los Angleles


I went to LA. It was fun!

September 28, 2009

Hanging on to Summertime


I'm still kicking it. Still posting photos to my Photo Gallery. Still in grad school and still doing ok. This blog needs an update.

June 25, 2009

Where can I get a coke?


DC: We're Closed.

Alternate captions welcomed.

May 27, 2009

Neither Roller, Nor Disco


Gorgeous wedding gown: Check.
Stroller with dyed poodle: Check.
Gold slippers: Check.
Dyed beard: Check.
Parrot on head: Check.
Fuzzy ankle accessory: Check.

While the stroller counts as having something "roller", I don't see any disco.

May 04, 2009

Manhattan from Brooklyn


One of the benefits of living in Brooklyn is the possibility of great views of Manhattan. I suppose this applies to NJ as well, but the bridges light up so beautifully at night. The tunnels are less photogenic. Note to self: bring your big boy camera to George's rooftop around sunset one day.

February 26, 2009

You Fake 'Em - We Take 'Em


Yes, Facebook is killing blogging. With one stupid meme after another, apparently. I do find the status updates are easy and it's nice to have all my peeps centralized. We'll see what becomes of this place once the eventual redesign takes place. *VIRTUAL POKE* (you know who you are)

Busy in the lab. Busy having fun. Busy with family. I've been to North Carolina and San Francisco this month - and even Brooklyn!! Photos from recent Blowoffs are online. San Francisco. Southpaw in Brooklyn.

January 23, 2009



Inauguration weekend in DC was a crowded zoo full of exotic tourist species from around the USA and the world as it turns out. My first taste of the crowds on the National Mall was bearable for Sunday's concert (only broadcast on HBO). Walking home I realized that everyone was covered in dirt from the trampled lawn. I wonder how long it'll be until they just lay down field turf.

Luckily, I scored a silver ticket through a former HMB member, and Tom got one last minute as well. We set off early and attempted to take Metro but bailed after spending 15 minutes to travel one stop. 4.5 miles later we had arrived at the biggest line debacle ever witnessed by mankind - except for those peeps in the Purple Tunnel of Doom.

A crowd of 1.5 million people stood silent as Barak Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. That feeling was worth all the cold and crowds and anxiety about getting there on time, and a stark contrast to the crowd's mood the rest of the time. Apparently we stood in the snarky section because every time Cheney was shown someone nasty was shouted. Darth Cheney... Sith Lord... Dr. Evil... And when they showed George W. Bush each time the crowd sung, "Na, na, na, na... hey hey hey... goodbye!" That was pretty much super-awesome!

Also, in case you don't subscribe to the RSS feed: Blowoff Photos from the weekend!

January 09, 2009

Welcome 2009


Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year's Eve. Grad School. Living life sometimes interferes with writing about life and uploading current photos. Oh, and then there's Facebook, the biggest time-waster of all. Ups and Downs abounded but I'm still on the plus side of things. I spent Thanksgiving in Boston and Christmas and New Years in DC. A good deal of time was spent enjoying my friends over drinks and food and great conversation. Lots of smiles.

Photos from December Blowoff at the Highline Ballroom in NYC are online now.

Things are a bit slow there because I'm having a ton of Internal Server 500 errors. Wendy has mercifully agreed to re-brand this blog anyway so I'm hoping she can solve my issues in that arena.

Hope. 2009. :)

October 15, 2008

Blowoff - Columbus Day Edition


I'm one of the lucky people (sorta) who doesn't have to choose President's day or Columbus day - I don't get holidays per se - every day is the same. Friday night was super busy with 2 birthday parties and an engagement party at which to make appearances. Saturday we dined in celebration of Joe's Birthday. Sunday rolls around and all the peeps with Monday off from work are excited to be around. It was great to see my friends who always work Saturday night out and about. Dugout. Eagle. Missed Truck Stop.

Blowoff started up right at 11:59 PM and it was a fantastic night. Bob and Rich spun great sets and Nick's video just keep getting more amazing. The crowd was extra sexy with many new faces. One of the best yet! As per usual - Photos Photos Photos!

October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, JMG!

JMG-bike.jpgToday is Joe.My.God.'s Birthday. Go wish him a happy 104th!

Love you Joey. Mean it. Now stop $!@#%ing!